a blog about doing – saying yes


I have been thinking a lot about making decisions lately and wanted to follow up from my last blog post about being brave.

Life is full of decisions, some of them obviously bigger than others, but I believe all are just as important in depicting the paths our lives take.

Sometimes it is common to get into a routine of always giving the same answer. Do you want to go out tonight? What do you want to eat? Are you going to bite the bullet and apply for that position? Or be the first to say hello? – if you wouldn’t even think about your answer to certain questions, you may want to re-think that choice. How different would your life be if you did something different? Just one small decision can change everything. We have the power to decide our own lives!

Start changing your life by making the decision to change your life. Even if it’s something small: if someone asks you to go on a night out and you always say no, why not try it? – You could meet someone or experience something you never expected.

One thing I have learnt and apply to every aspect of my life is to be brave.

If I wasn’t brave I wouldn’t have a degree, I wouldn’t know half the people I do now and I wouldn’t be sitting here on holiday in Barcelona with a group of likeminded people I met just a few months ago whilst volunteering in the Maldives (!). Life throws opportunities your way, do not be afraid to catch them.




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