concrete jungle – exploring BARCELONA


Barcelona  – I’ve been wanting to explore this city for so long and a couple of weeks ago I got the chance to do so. It’s a long story – how this opportunity came about (I touch on it here: a blog about doing – saying yes) but as I’ve said before, you shouldn’t be afraid to grab opportunities that are thrown your way! For me this led to a week of laughing, dancing, exploring, eating a huge amount of tapas and drinking too much red wine. Being a photographer at heart, I photographed pretty much everything I came across – to save you the pain of scrolling through hundreds of images, here’s a little insight into Barcelona through my eyes…


This is a huge city with so much energy, there’s always something going on day and night – but it doesn’t feel too over crowded and busy (even for a seaside girl like me). Almost everything is in walking distance and after one night out we clocked up almost 13 miles each (most of which was dancing – the night life in Barcelona is incredible, my favourite was an open air club called La Terrazza; dancing under stars and palm trees was very, very fun).


Another thing that really impressed me about Barcelona was the FOOD. Anyone who knows me understands that I’m a massive foodie and I was so pleasantly surprised to see so many vegan/veggie options around the city. After trying vegan hazelnut ice-cream on the second day I continued to eat an ice-cream a day for the rest of the trip, PLUS on the final day we went to a completely vegan tapas restaurant and let me tell you, tapas cures hangovers – FACT.


With it’s artistic architecture and warm climate, this city really is a treat for all the senses. I already miss sitting in this sunny window eating breakfast and overlooking the busy morning commuters (yes I wake up annoyingly early) – Barcelona, I will definitely be back.

(Moral of the story – take a chance! You might end up eating vegan tapas in a European city and getting drunk in an open air club…maybe…)











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