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At the beginning of the month I saw an advertisement requesting a photographer for a product and model shoot the following week.

(that seagull isn’t the product and I’m not the middle aged man photographing it)

This photography job was all the way in Lincolnshire, over 300 miles from South Wales, (where I live) and not a seagull in sight. How did this come about you may be wondering? Ah, like it always does – an opportunity out of the blue that I decided to jump at (obviously without thinking logistically about any of it beforehand – turns out 300 miles is quite a long way).

Typically I started doubting whether I’d have enough experience for the job or if I should even bother applying at all.

Then I realised – it is in these moments of self doubt that we must be most courageous, we must take these chances, push ourselves – it’s the only way to grow in our professions, and most importantly in ourselves.

So I applied.

And I got the job!

A few days later, with a couple of shot lists, a charged camera and a bag of snacks accompanying me, I was driving the 300 miles across the country for my first commissioned photography job post-uni!

The 1 day shoot turned into 3, there were problems with the clothing of the model, the clients weren’t happy, we had to re-shoot a number of times for different reasons (none being in our control). One day we had to get up at 3am and didn’t sleep again until 11pm. It was stressful, of course it was. At times I was exhausted and I didn’t know whether I’d bitten off more than I could chew. What if I really wasn’t good enough?

But, the shoot was a massive success, and hands down it was one of the best experiences I could have taken.

During this job I learnt A LOT. Yes about photography, but also about people, about the media industry, and about myself. I learnt that if you believe you can do a job, you believe in yourself and your own skills, you can do anything you set your mind to!

The people I met are truly incredible and talented humans whom I hope I have the pleasure of working with again in the future.

Above all, this job taught me to trust in myself. You’re only as good as you believe you are. So start with amazing.

Good luck out there!


(Photos of the shoot to follow on my website: www.elliewainwright.co.uk )

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