Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day – here’s a blog post about it


I love avocados. Guys, avocados were a main staple of the vegan diet waaaaay before they became this big fashion trend, I swear.

By far my favourite breakfast (a bold statement) is avocado on toast. Isn’t bread just the best thing ever? The smell of toast in the morning actually gives me life. It reminds me of summers waking up in France on the campsite and buying fresh baguettes every morning. If anyone ever tells you not to eat carbs or to eat less bread, get rid. YOU DO NOT NEED THAT KIND OF NEGATIVITY IN YOUR LIFE.

A tip I found out about at uni is: marmite + avo.

Don’t judge it till you’ve tried it…

Spread a thin layer of marmite on the toast and then mash some avo on top, bit of salt, cracked pepper, tomatoes and a squeeze of lemon = the best breakfast ever.

It doesn’t have to look pretty or like all these staged insta posts – everything laid out perfectly, the lighting just right, a sprinkle of petals placed around the plate, maybe even a cactus in the frame too (who even has petals at hand to place around a table? also who can wait to get the perfect shot when your toast is sitting right there? either I’m greedy or very impatient but I fail to get a good photograph of my breakfasts because I’m too eager to eat them ok) plus avocados are meant to be messy! It tastes better when it’s thrown together, most of the time…


Mmmm just look at that crunchy bread…

Favourite breakfast no.2 is FRUIT.

No not just a banana, I did not go to bed thinking about breakfast to simply eat a BANANA and be satisfied.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Smoothie bowls.

Another v easy breakfast to throw together.

Some frozen fruit (usually berries), a v ripe banana, some almond milk and anything else you have in the cupboards. (Try some cacao powder, it makes anything you put in a smoothie taste like chocolate and it’s actually good for you) (I also chuck in some matcha powder if I’m feeling like being super healthy…)

Blend it, very well, then top with granola (because anyone who tells you they don’t like granola is lying to you) more fruit and coconut flakes (I’m obsessed with coconut).

Actually just top it with whatever you want, that’s the best thing about smoothie bowls pretty much anything goes.

My two favourite breakfasts that are super easy and super good for you (and the planet, cause vegan)

I hope you’ve started your day right, with lots of good food (+ a cup of tea 🙂 )




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