Have you heard?

I’ve decided to add a little section to the blog dedicated to products/companies I’ve heard of/found out about that are doing good things for us and for that planet 🙂


The aim of this section is simply to pass on the message and get people thinking about where stuff actually comes from (& because I wish I’d known about these products and places before).

Each month I’ll give you a new product/company/business that I’ve heard about or happened to stumble upon, most likely during one of those deep Instagram holes…(can’t.stop.scrolling.)

I’m a bit late to the game this month (how are we half way through October already!?) but this is definitely a good one to know about and fits with a halloween-esque theme…

QUESTION: Have you ever thought about what toothpaste actually is, where it comes from and where it goes when you rinse it down the sink? Maybe not, but everything flushed down toilets/rinsed down drains finds its way to the ocean. That is why it’s extremely important to make a conscious effort to dispose of things properly. I’m sure you’ve seen all the stickers and advertisements about not flushing nappies, tampons etc down toilets as they can block drains and end up in the oceans, harming wildlife, polluting and littering our beaches. (If you’d like to know more about this head to: Surfers Against Sewage )

Some toothpastes contain Microbeads, tiny beads made from plastic leading to microplastic pollution of the oceans and causing immense concern because of the harmful effects on marine wildlife. They also contain a long list of chemicals and ingredients I can’t even pronounce, what the hell is in that stuff?

SO, the product I’ve recently discovered is from LUSH. Anyone that knows me knows my love for Lush products, good for the environment and not full of harmful ingredients. All the products are freshly made, against animal testing and support ethical buying.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

After ditching my usual toothpaste I picked up “Toothy Tabs.” I went for the charcoal type that have a spicy kick to the flavour.

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Now, you have to be openminded when trying these, do not be expecting a standard toothpaste taste or feel. You take one tiny tab and nibble it in your mouth to form a paste, wet your toothbrush and brush like normal. The flavour was a little shock the first time but is actually really tasty and leaves a clean feeling in your mouth like regular paste.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

It definitely makes brushing my teeth a lot more entertaining as due to the charcoal properties the toothpaste is black not white (queue halloween-esque black foamy teeth!) but overall I’m really happy with this little discovery. Knowing I’m not using harmful chemicals in my mouth and rinsing god knows what down the sink is a good feeling.

My teeth actually look and feel cleaner (maybe the rumours about charcoal whitening the teeth are true after all) and if you don’t fancy brushing with black tabs, there are plenty of other flavours to choose from have a look for yourself!

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I hope this post has made you think about where little essentials we take for-granted actually come from and what some massive companies are actually putting into them (Saccharin, a common ingredient in toothpaste is petroleum based: made from CRUDE OIL…)

Let me know if you try these or what you think of them!

Happy brushing!




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