Stories Behind Things


I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of this fast fashion culture. Of always buying into the newest trends and constantly throwing away and upgrading.

This month I’m coming to you with an idea/brand/business called “Stories Behind Things,” which is something really worth talking about.


Stories Behind Things is an idea thought up by Jemma Finch and Ella Denton aimed at creating a more accessible culture around conscious consumption and sustainable living – thinking about where the clothes and possessions you have come from and attaching or adding stories to each item. Giving them value, not something to be easily thrown away and upgraded.

The idea is basically about making sustainable living easy.

My dad’s old ‘fat face’ jumper handed down to me “incase I’m cold in Cornish winter” (I was, and it helped)

We are all victims of this throw-away “fast fashion” culture, that is effectively damaging to the planet, communities and families that are exploited in the process.

At the start of this year they held a clothes switching event in London which saw more than 150 people come together and switch their unloved clothing: promoting up-cycling and creating conversation around fast fashion.

The sarong I begged my mum to buy from a Spanish market camping in Galicia more than 12 years ago

Living sustainably doesn’t just come down to the food you choose to buy or places you choose to shop, it includes everything we consume and purchase. Adding meaning to items is such a lovely way to stop buying new over and over again (and will also save you a LOT of money).

Dungarees I bought from a vintage shop in Falmouth FOR A FIVER (they’re actually maternity dungarees but perfect for hiding a food baby – this is the stage I’m at in my life).

OBVIOUSLY we’re not saying never ever buy anything new again, but just be more mindful when you do. An old jumper with a few holes and a tiny stain but that has travelled the world and been passed down for generations, says a lot more than one just bought new to be thrown away in the coming months. Don’t you agree?

My mum’s old jumper that she wore when she was pregnant with me 🙂 (that I have of course now stolen)

With Christmas fast approaching it’s easy to get caught up in the BUY BUY BUY mentality and not think about what you’re actually purchasing or if there is any real need at all.

If you do take anything from this post just take an awareness, instead of throwing away old clothes maybe drop them into your nearest charity shop and donate them? Or sell some clothes online so someone else can enjoy them? Or MAYBE just hang onto that old shirt/jacket/jeans, you’d be surprised how if you hold onto something long enough it actually comes back into fashion…

My mum holding me 20 years ago in her own pair of maternity dungarees (used much more appropriately than my own)

What stories do you have?



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  1. Nalda Wainwright says:

    that’s funny to find my photo on here ! by the way you were already doing this in the picture as you were car boot babies …I bought nearly all your toys from car boot sales ! 🙂


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