What Do Vegans Eat?

I thought I’d write a little post about what I actually eat on a day to day basis being vegan. When people approach me about the subject one of the most common things I’m asked is “what do you even eat?”


I hate this question because to me it needs no explanation. The variety and abundance of plant based foods readily available is so obvious that I don’t understand why this is what I’m being asked.

But I realise that I would have asked exactly the same question a few years ago when I still ate meat and dairy. When your routine meal is centered around a type of meat or dairy product you can’t just cut out that food and carry on as normal otherwise you’ll crave what you’re missing. Instead, you must replace these foods with alternative plant based options. That doesn’t always mean ‘fake meat’ alternatives (to be honest I mostly steer clear of those – apart from Linda McCartney veggie sausages, honestly TRY THEM – UNREAL) just opening your mind to learn about different plant based foods because there’s so many I didn’t even know existed.

I don’t need to start ranting about how plant based foods are much more beneficial to your health and the environment, especially nowadays when most of the meat and dairy products farmed are shoved full of hormones and chemicals. Not to mention the negative impacts eating copious amounts of meat and dairy daily can have on your health. (If you want more info about that I’ll leave some links at the end of the post).

Forcing your own opinions upon anyone else NEVER WORKS, every one of us has to decide in our own minds that we want to make a change for ourselves otherwise we will never stick to it. This goes for your diet, but also for most things in life: getting fit, starting a new business, sticking to a resolution etc etc.

SO this is not a big rant about “how you should be vegan” because honestly it doesn’t really bother me if you are or aren’t (your health is your own responsibility). This is just to show you an example of some meals I eat on a day to day basis, how easy and how good for you cutting out meat and dairy can be.

I do love to cook and occasionally I like to make a big fancy meal but I rarely get the chance (or have the money) to do so. It is so incredibly easy and cheap to eat plant based foods that all these meals literally took a few minutes to throw together, and some cost less than £3. See for yourself!


Almond milk porridge with fruit and seedy granola
Berry smoothie bowl with coconut yogurt
Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset
Berry smoothie bowl with granola, coco sugar and strawbs


Chickpea and falafel salad with houmous and crackers
Carrot and coriander soup
Marmite and avo on toast


Bean chilli jacket potato
Roasted veg and rice
Thai green curry with tofu & veg

“where do you get your protein from?” “It must be so time consuming figuring out what to eat” “vegans just eat salad” “I could never give up meat it tastes too good”

Do people realise how ignorant they sound when they say these things? Maybe do a bit of research into what you’re actually putting into your body and you’ll feel differently. I honestly have never felt better than when I’ve been following a vegan diet (and all my blood tests prove that!)

Surely if I was not getting the nutrients I needed I would definitely be dead right now after 3 years being plant based?!

I dare you to try it. Just one day per week! Your body, the environment, the animals, and your mentality will thank you.

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  1. Brilliant! I have been vegetarian for many years and even I get asked what I eat!! Arghh!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ellie Wainwright says:

    Glad you like the post! 🙂 really?! Isn’t it so frustrating?!


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