Being a supporter of Surfers Against Sewage I was recently emailed about taking part in a Plastic Free communities campaign. The Plastic Free Coastlines movement is a community campaign aimed at bringing together individuals, schools, businesses and local councils to reduce their collective plastic footprint and achieve Plastic Free Status.

Almost 100 other locations around the world are already working towards a Plastic Free Status and Penzance in Cornwall is the first community to achieve the SAS Official Plastic Free Coastlines status.

I invite you to be part of a campaign for a #PlasticFreePembrokeshire!


In light of the outstanding recent series Blue Planet 2, is there a better time to fight to protect our Blue Planet? Our oceans are being suffocated by plastic, marine life is dying and our food and water is becoming increasingly polluted (if you eat fish or consume other marine products, that means you yourself are actually CONSUMING plastic).

The oceans are responsible for all life on Earth, including our own. How can we sit back and do nothing? How will we feel if our children, or children’s children look back at our generation and know we did nothing? We watched the degradation and destruction of our planet and didn’t act? Will there even be a future at all?

Click the link below if you need some encouragement from the man himself (how can anyone say no to him?)

David Attenborough On Plastic Pollution

So here’s where you come in!

Everyday we can make conscious choices to reduce our impact and waste on this planet. Below is an individual action plan put together by Surfers Against Sewage to encourage each of us to make better decisions everyday that are super simple and so beneficial for the planet.

Why not start the New Year by doing a few of these every day? Ask for a refillable water bottle / reusable coffee cup on your Christmas list? How about just ditching straws for the party season?! Even opting for reusable metal straws instead of plastic?

Screenshot 2017-12-20 18.32.54

Each and every one of us can make a small difference and it’s the small differences that add up.

As well as an individual action plan Surfers Against Sewage have put together a Plastic Free Communities action plan which we will be addressing head on in the coming weeks. To keep up to date head to the Facebook Page , give it a like and get involved!

Screenshot 2017-12-20 18.30.41

If we all come together to tackle the massive problem of plastic head on, we can make a difference before it really is too late.

Let’s make Pembrokeshire Plastic Free!


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  1. This is wonderful! This is our new year’s resolution too 😀
    Thank you for sharing this, it’s really encouraging to know that whole communities are saying no to plastic 😀

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  2. Ellie Wainwright says:

    That’s a great New Years resolution! Thank you for commenting 🙂 I hope we can all make small changes that have a big impact! Happy New Year 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. And a very happy plastic-free new year to you too 😀

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