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Project Jackfruit

Jackfruit? What the hell is that?

After graduating from Falmouth University, Abi and Jordan left jobs in London and became the duo behind Project Jackfruit, with a mission to make a difference.

Jackfruit is, yes, a fruit, but is actually a perfect and convenient plant based alternative to meat. It looks and tastes like pulled pork when it’s cooked and has been around for centuries growing all over South East Asia and India, the largest tree grown fruit in the world.

So why haven’t we heard of it?

70% of the jackfruit in India goes to waste as if it’s not stored properly the fruit is left to rot –  which is ridiculous, especially considering the amount of people suffering from lack of proper nutrition and income in Asia.

Abi and Jordan both decided that an intervention is needed to raise awareness of the fruits potential, to increase demand and provide livelihood opportunities.

When cooked young, jackfruit’s unsweetened flesh has a fibrous texture which perfectly absorbs any flavour, making it versatile with a whole host of dishes. It’s an excellent meat alternative, which offers countless health benefits such as…

  • High vitamin C optimizes immune system
  • Healthy calories and boosts energy level
  • Responsible for overall healthy cardiovascular system – high in potassium.
  • Contains Carotene-ß: Powerful antioxidants protect from ageing, cancer and boost eye health.
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine): Jackfruit is rare in the fact it contains Vitamin B6 complex. It is an excellent nutrient to protect from Anemia.
  • High in fibre, and is free of fats and bad cholesterol!

Not only that – but it tastes incredible.

Abi and Jordan have whipped up a host of flavours in their kitchen, all made from scratch with absolutely no nasty additives.

Jackfruit really can be eaten with anything – nachos, burgers, burritos, rice dishes, jacket potatoes, pizza, noodles….etc etc

I’m out of the country at the moment but will write and update of what I did with my jackfruit when I return home in a few months…keep ya eyes peeled!

If you’re being brave enough to give Veganuary a go, this could be a perfect start to your new month without meat! (Use VEGANUARY at the checkout and even get 20% off!) All whilst supporting a small business on the road to becoming a food industry game changer.

Let me know how you get on!


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