Eco-Friendly SWIMWEAR

I try to make conscious choices about everything I buy, including clothing (I wrote a little about this in my post Stories Behind Things)

I’ve recently been packing for a trip away to warmer climates, hence buying swimwear in winter, but I also found out – LIFE HACK  – buying summer clothing in winter is actually a lot cheaper than in a few months time so do your shopping now!

I hate buying new all the time, so I reserve this for specific items (mainly underwear and swimwear), so I wanted to be sure what I was buying was good quality, not expensive and not damaging to the environment…is that too much to ask?

After a bit of online searching, it appears not!

  • Fourth Element Bikini

Fourth Element

If you haven’t already you really need to check out this brand. They are at the forefront of changing the fashion industry with regards to respecting and protecting the planet along the way.

The whole OceanPositive swimwear range is made from 78% recycled materials, recycling ghost nets into a material called Econyl. Moving away from any plastic packaging, each piece of swimwear comes packaged in non-plastic bags made from cassava starch and other renewable resources, it biodegrades in months and can be recycled with paper or on your compost heap.

Approximately 1.4 billion pounds of rubbish per year enters our seas. Dumped into our oceans daily, this threatens marine life, pollutes beaches and affects local tourism industries. At Fourth Element, they are taking small steps everyday to consider the environmental impact of everything that is manufactured. They understand that for scuba divers, snorkellers and many other water sport enthusiasts (an audience their products are mainly aimed at), the ocean is a place of beauty and that we must fight to protect it against the impacts of human activity.

I am absolutely in love with their ethos and values, almost as in love as I am with the actual product. The bikini top I ordered is from the CORE range and is one the comfiest I have ever worn. The material is good quality and doesn’t stretch or sag from the salt water. The fit is perfect as it’s supportive but also a flattering design. I honestly have not got a bad thing to say about this top – all for a very, very reasonable £23.95!

If you’re looking at buying some new swimwear and want to put your money towards something good for the planet as well as for yourself – Fourth Element will be your new favourite brand.

  • ASOS Cross Back High Leg Swimsuit


ASOS Collection

ASOS is a hard one because it can be seen as such an encouragement of fast fashion. However, ASOS Marketplace is a great place to find vintage, pre-loved clothes and even support small businesses and sellers.

I have recently found out that some of the ASOS Collection itself uses sustainable fabrics for some products!

Including this Swimsuit which uses a sustainable fabric made with recycled yarn.

The swimsuit itself is comfy and flattering and for only £16 its one of the most reasonably priced I’ve seen on the whole site!

Even big brands like ASOS are beginning to become more enviornmentally aware – maybe the fashion industry is on the verge of a massive shift? We, as the consumers, are the ones who have the last say. So let’s put our money where our values are and support brands that actually care about our planet and our future 🙂

Happy Holidayzzzzz!


(BTW I’m clearly not a model and I am obvs not doing this post to try to be (!) all I’m aiming to do is give attention to brands that I genuinely use and buy that are doing good for the environment and hopefully that can help or encourage you to be more mindful with how you spend your money too 🙂 let me know of other brands that are doing the same or similar!)

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