1 Year Post-Uni…


So, today marks exactly a year since my graduation from Falmouth.

I wanted to write a little post about the past year (almost a year since I began this blog too), mainly for myself…to look back on what has happened over the past 12 months, and just because it’s always good to check in with yourself and your progress. It really doesn’t matter how small – seeing how far you’ve come, how much closer you are to achieving your goals and if those goals have changed at all, just keeps a bit of perspective & focus.

It’s easy to fall into a negative thought process and compare yourself and your accomplishments to others, but just knowing that everyones paths are completely different and appreciating your own is a good way to rise above that!


My first ‘adult’ job using my degree…(read about this here) – I worked for Beagle Media producing work for a company called Aura Soma. I had a little browse on the website the other week and found it so satisfying to see my work being used! The photos below are a selection of my images used on their website. Little achievements like this shouldn’t be overlooked! I worked really hard on this shoot and learnt so much that has helped me in other aspects of my life since.

Screenshot 2018-06-01 13.38.52.png

Screenshot 2018-06-01 13.40.47.pngScreenshot 2018-06-01 13.41.32.pngScreenshot 2018-06-01 13.41.02.pngScreenshot 2018-06-01 13.40.39.pngScreenshot 2018-06-01 13.40.20.pngScreenshot 2018-06-01 13.40.55.png

Undergrad Magazine – Undergrad Magazine was created by my talented friend Kemi. Undergrad is a fashion and art publication that promotes creative work produced by emerging artists & makers and I was kindly asked to become a contributor and write a short article for the zine last year about Post-Uni life. This was my first experience of writing for an actual publication (barr my own!) and for something so worth while. If you haven’t already then check out the Undergrad Instagram and browse some incredible talent!

Issue 3 is out now – check the WEBSITE for more info…

Screenshot 2018-06-08 16.33.33

Travelling South East Asia, India, Sri Lanka & Indonesia for nearly 5 months – After deciding I wanted to travel, working & saving up over a long dreary Welsh winter and finally setting off in January this year I’ve spent the majority of 2018 on the other side of the world!


From chasing waterfalls in Northern Thailand, playing Holi in India and swimming in beautiful seas around Indonesian islands, it’s safe to say that the first half of my 2018 has been pretty unforgettable. Photographing everywhere I’ve been and writing to keep a log of everything we’ve experienced has actually helped me enormously and made me realise how much I love writing.

Let’s see if the next half of 2018 has more writing and travel in store…

Completely my NVBLQ course and becoming a Lifeguard with the RNLI – towards the end of my travels I began to wonder what I would do when I returned home. I was running out of money and obviously needed to sort a job for the summer. I’ve wanted to work with the RNLI patrolling the beaches near where I live for a few years now, it’s always looked like the best summer job. So I decided that’s what I wanted to do! I booked onto the nearest NVBLQ course available (the week after I returned home in Cornwall) and applied for a position with the RNLI.

It’s been pretty challenging but if you really want something, put your mind to it, give it all the energy and focus you have and you WILL GET IT. If not, just try until you do…

I began my summer working on the beaches for the RNLI in June and so far has been the best summer job I’ve ever had.

Having a video feature on the new BBC Wales page – BBC Sesh…

Whilst spending the summer at home in Wales I got approached by Angharad who works for BBC Wales’ Media Team about potentially featuring on the new page BBC Sesh…how could I say no to that!? We made a short video about Tenby and so far it has nearly 100k views, which neither of us expected…

Screenshot 2018-07-18 14.43.40

There’s a few more things in store already for 2018 and it’s already been one of the best years of my life.

What do you want to achieve in the last 6 months of 2018?

I’m already planning the rest of mine…



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