Have (some) money, will travel

Have you ever wanted to do something or go somewhere but it’s never actually materialised into anything?

Was it because of being too afraid of the risks? Or that you may have to do it alone? Or of the possibility that something could go wrong?

I know I have, hasn’t everyone!?

Holding back from doing things because of fear is such an immobilising and suffocating feeling.

We need to do these things more often because if it doesn’t scare you it’s probably not going to teach you too much.

After travelling for a few months last year and having the best summer lifeguarding the sunny beaches, the rainy welsh winter felt pretty bleak. Was I actually back to square one? what was I gonna do now? (I’ve realised I find it really hard to be satisfied standing still…)

So I was sat in rainy wales working only a couple of shifts a week until the lifeguarding season is upon us once more and I started thinking about how I’m always preaching to live now and not waste time doing something or being somewhere that limits you. Would I be hypocritical to sit in my comfort zone and not do the things that scare me and make me grow?

With the money I’d saved through cafe work over the few winter months, I calculated that I had just enough for a stint in a warmer climate.

I didn’t need much more persuasion than that, so I just packed my camera and booked my flights for a couple weeks later!

Travelling solo is a little bit scary, but that’s the point! I don’t mind my own company and I wanted this trip to be all about the photography projects I had planned. I missed Sri Lanka so much, I heard about a few things going on there that I wanted to be involved in, a couple of friends were dotted around the country and my creativity at home was at an all time low.

I’m sure there will be ups and downs on this trip, and I’m sure I’ll come back slightly different to when I left. But it feels sooo so good to be back in the sun and doing things that make me happy and creative.

I’ve found out I’ve actually been accepted onto a masters course I’ve been wanting to get onto this September, so I wouldn’t have the time to take a month away next year anyway. Maybe things do work out with the perfect timing?

Take this post as a little update, and a reminder that if you’re holding back from doing something that you want to do, please just do it! You only have this one life so what are you really waiting for?





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