Westival 2019 – A Re-Cap

Hidden amongst the rolling green hills of the Pembrokeshire countryside, Westival is a new edition to the music scene in Wales, supporting local artists as well as known names from further afield.


With 2019 being only it’s second year, this festival already has people talking. Offering underground disco, techno and world music with some of the most up and coming artists and DJs, Westival is causing quite a stir amongst the music community.

In-keeping with its Welsh roots, the festival is set on a local farm in a stunning corner of Pembrokeshire only 10 minutes walk from the beach. If the location wasn’t an attraction in itself, the meticulously chosen music offers a unique understanding of the genre, whilst appealing to a wide variety of tastes. The like-minded people this festival attracts are a happy crowd, with people dancing at each stage throughout the day and well into the evening for the duration of the three-day event.


Disco music has been picking up over the last few years but in terms of disco and world music together, there is a lack of festivals that cater for both of these genres, and that is one thing that makes Westival pretty unique.


CC:Disco was a highlight of Friday, getting the crowd partying to disco tunes under shelter from a typical rainy Welsh evening, which only added to the warm atmosphere and intimate vibe. Saturday gave way to hot sunshine and The Garden was brimming with people dancing away the afternoon to Cimac’s upbeat set, whilst Timbali X Peppery did not disappoint on the main stage. An achievement for only it’s second year, Saturday night saw Marcellus Pittman take to the stage with a collection of classic disco, house and soul. And as the sun went down on the final evening The Cave came to life as Peach headlined to an ecstatic crowd and The Stretch saw an impressive six-hour back-to-back set from Jamie Tiller and Orpheu The Wizard. With names like this already, Westival is definitely one to watch.


Organized by two local boys, Joe Worley and Jack Lear, the heart of Pembrokeshire and South West Wales is felt through each aspect of the festival. From the detailed decorations and hay bales and sofas for outdoor seating, to the variety of carefully chosen food stalls, talks and dance shows, every detail is perfectly designed to suit all variety and tastes, in keeping with the whole underground festival vibe.


Westival offers a completely unique experience of harmony with your fellow festivalgoer that is often lost through giant success and increasing festival size. This is something both Joe and Jack strive to maintain and in the next few years, Westival is on the road to becoming one of the best boutique festivals in the UK.


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